About us

Who We are

Vanguard International is a global, privately owned company focused on optimizing and managing sourcing, and supply chain. We offer product development, sourcing, supply chain, compliance, and software solution services.

We work with our partners and suppliers efficiently in providing custom solutions to our clients in order to substantially lower their costs from supply chain, improve product flow,  get better pricing and ensure consistent quality. 

We have an end-to-end expertise in driving the processes seamlessly, running complex operations and delivering products on time..

We work as an extension of your business rethinking each step for a better business outcome. “We make better business happen”!

our features

Why Businesses Choose us

If you are looking for a trusted and experienced partner to help you with decision-making in your business, Vanguard is the right place for you!

Innovative Solutions

We don’t just believe in providing a product or service but to work with our customers to understand their needs and come up with business specific solutions.

Quality Resourcing

We are committed to highest quality both in our products & services. Our experienced team helps make sure all applicable quality regulations and standards are either met or exceeded.

Experienced Partners

Every member of the executive team has over 20 years of experience in business solutions.

International bandwidth

We handle complex challenges because we know the business and how to bring a product from manufacturers across the globe.

Relationship management

We believe that business is not about closing a sale, but its about building and maintaining a long-term successful partnership. Whether it’s providing product visibility, creating quick and competitive quotes, or furnishing reliable information we constantly communicate with you throughout the process.